Cheap Shower Curtains – Getting The Quality As Well

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It’s important to have durable bathroom accessories that remain functional all the time. The accessories add to the style and décor of the bathroom. The one that is most noticeable is the shower curtain. The shower area looks lively and pleasant by installing colorful shower curtains that change the entire environment of the bathroom and matters most for the décor of the bathroom. Shower curtains for the bathroom need not be expensive all the time and you can certainly get them at affordable prices when your budget is limited.

You should understand that reasonably priced items are not always so plain looking and you stand a good chance of getting bathroom accessories at very affordable price with the stunning looks of their expensive counterparts. There are quite a few places to look for affordable shower curtains. You just need to be a bit careful to check some of the minute details for getting good quality item at affordable price. The best course is to visit the manufacturer’s store and avoid middleman in the process. That almost guarantees that the product will not be too expensive. These stores usually have separate counters for items at discounted prices.

Another excellent way is to order curtains online. That’s the simplest way when looking for inexpensive shower curtains. You are just a few clicks away from getting the most desired bathroom accessories by being on the Internet. You are able to asses what all is there on offer from different suppliers and the added advantage is that you can go thru customers reviews of different brands to arrive at the one that most suits you.

Hunt for shower curtains can really be fun. You always have that option of searching on the Internet. Perhaps, you would like to check some thrift store to get these at very affordable prices. Make sure to buy quality stuff. Yes, it’s there but you need to spend time and effort looking for that. While looking for shower curtains you have a good chance of stumbling upon some bathroom accessories, making your search all the more worthwhile.

An important feature you shouldn’t overlook is the color or shade that will go well with the existing color scheme of your bathroom. Taking care of this feature helps you avoiding redoing the entire exercise once again. It’s here that you can put your artistic bent of mind to good use. You can thus get well-designed attractive worthwhile material for your shower area and the bathroom at affordable prices.

Choosing an appropriate material for shower curtains is indeed very important. Since they are going to be exposed to water and humidity, it’s best to buy curtains made from water resistant material to get their prolonged use. For curtains that are not waterproof, it is good to incorporate vinyl liners. These liners are available in many designs and colors and you can surely get one that suits your requirements and taste.

Electric Curtains – Yes, It’s A Real Thing!

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Windows form an essential part of the design of any house. Most of the rooms are designed to have at least one window and some rooms may have more than one. The type of window treatment you decide to have plays an important role in the overall décor of the room. You would certainly prefer to have attractive window treatments that are affordable, yet remain functional and are easy to maintain. That brings automatic curtains into play, as they meet with all the said requirements and even more.

Given the present economic scenario, most homeowners look for products that offer better value for money. These days automatic curtains are the most preferred as they offer you all the features that you look forward to in good curtains.

These are very versatile and attractive curtains that are not only functional but also energy efficient and have security feature, missing in most other curtains. If you opt to buy auto glide motorized curtains, you surely are buying state-of-the-art window treatments, and at very affordable prices too!

Whatever be the size and design of the window at your home, you can cover it using electric curtains. The rods can conveniently be adjusted to suit the size of your window. It’s as good as having custom-made window treatment. In fact these curtains can be tailored to fit perfectly in your window. And that’s what makes them unique.

You can very conveniently approach these curtains for adjustments as per requirements at any time of the day or night without having to jump over or going around the furniture. You can close or open the remote curtains from across the room thru a wall button or by having an infrared remote control. And, you still continue to have the option of walking up to the window for any adjustment.

At the time of ordering electric curtains, you can specify the side of the track on which the motor should be fixed, the number of required tracks and whether you want to close or open them from the top or the middle to the right or left.

Electric curtains are certainly among the best products you would buy for the home. You get automatic curtains in many styles and designs. These come with features like a wall switch, infrared remote control, light sensor, and a timer. Installation of such curtains ensures that you won’t be walking back home that has been warmed due sunrays during the day. That’s because the timer can be adjusted to close or open the curtains at predefined hours.

Automatic curtains are very convenient, stylish and offer value for your money.

Sound Dampening Curtains And How Can You Use Them

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Sound dampening curtains have a role to play, especially when playing or practicing musical instruments or while singing. Basically, these curtains, also known as soundproof drapes are quite akin to normal curtains except that they are made from thick and heavy, sound dampening material that may be fabric or plastic. If you have a promising young musician at home who plays a musical instrument or sings, you would have realized the need of getting more privacy in the rest of the house when the child is practicing? In case you are a musician you would surely know that sound attenuating curtains could improve the quality of your voice or the way your instrument sounds.

Whatever be your reasons of having sound dampening curtains, this article will tell you three of their uses, which make good reasons for anyone to buy them. The uses are: Blocking of sound from the outside, Blocking of sound from the inside the room, and Sound absorption. Let’s see how these work for your intended purpose.

Blocking the sound from the outside

Practicing of any musical instrument or singing demands total concentration. The distractions from the outside of the room are most annoying and prevent you from focusing. The musician’s ear is very sensitive to such disturbances, making it imperative to block the outdoor sounds from entering the room. And, that holds true for even a beginner and of course, the professional.

Sound dampening drapes help blocking the noise from entering the space where you are practicing most of the time. You may keep those along all the walls, windowed or such. The sound entering the room from the walls or windows spreads toward the sound dampening drapes that partly absorb it and partly reflect it back with the result that only a small part of the noise from the outside would reach the place where you are.

Blocking the sound from the inside the room

The dampening curtains play a role not only for the musician or singer but also for those in close proximity to them. If you have someone playing music in room adjacent to yours, you are sure to be distracted at times, even if the music is enjoyable! Every body needs a minimum level of privacy at most times. By suitably positioning of soundproof curtains along the wall separating you from the practicing room, you can further reduce the sounds transmitted to you from the wall. If the musician is also using soundproof curtains in his room, the effect is doubled.

Sound absorption

Curtains for the purpose of sound dampening use thick and heavy materials that can effectively absorb sound of varying frequencies, including those of human voice and musical instruments. Apart from sound reflection, its absorption is another way of preventing sound from spreading to unwanted areas.

Sound absorption matters more for a musician while practicing inside the practice room. If the curtains meant for sound dampening reflect the sound back to the room, their function will not be any different than walls. The sound would rebound all over the place, and on the whole the recorded sound of human voice or that of a musical instrument would have delayed echoes along with it, and the final result would be considerably distorted. This is what makes the sound absorbing properties of the sound dampening curtains so vital for any practicing singer or musician.

A Word Or Two On Gazebo Curtains

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Often, people who are fortunate enough to have large open space outside their home like using different ideas for making their garden look attractive. A very beautiful and popular idea employed for that purpose is incorporating romantic gazebos. A gazebo is simply a free standing construction that offers a bit of privacy while relaxing in your garden. Many freestanding arrangements like kiosk, folly, pagoda, pergola, alambra, rotunda and belvederes also fall in the category of gazebo. Installation and subsequent decoration of such structures is not a difficult job and an average householder can do it easily. Addition of some pleasant curtains helps to enhance the beauty of a gazebo.

Whether you get an idea of designing your gazebo from the Internet or you plan it on your own, you could surely include curtains therein to enhance its appeal. Many people consider the best option is to buy some ready to use curtains. Nevertheless, you can always make curtains of your own after you have completed the construction of your gazebo.  If you decide to make the curtains on your own, the first step will be to assess your requirements of fabric, which is not difficult at all, as all that you need to measure is the height and width of your gazebo. To the measured height, you need to add three inches. This extra length is distributed at the top and bottom of the curtain. One inch at the bottom goes for making hem, while two inches at the top is utilized for making pocket of the curtain panels. The width of the fabric that you buy needs to be one and a half times the measured width and an extra inch on either side of the fabric for hemming.

Now, you get ready for sewing the curtains that go well with the design of your gazebo. It is recommended to use straight vertical seams all through the sewing length of the fabric.  First, you sew a two inch wide pocket for your curtain all along the length of the fabric. That makes the top end of your curtain ready. In case you have thicker curtain rod, you may need to increase the width of pocket, which means you’ll also need to buy more length of fabric for making your curtain. Next, you prepare hemming on both the sides and the bottom of the curtain. Once you have completed your sewing, it is time to attach the curtain to the curtain rod at the top inside frame of the gazebo.

That was the easiest way of making gazebo curtains at home. You can further decorate your gazebo curtain by including gazebo curtain hooks, decorative panels, Velcro panels which you can easily procure from the market.

Use Solar Curtains – They Really Are Practical

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We all know one thing – when summer comes, your bills for electricity and water are sure to go up. One way to have some control over consumption of electricity is not to use your air conditioner all too often, but that’s not a very comfortable idea. Instead, you should take measures to prevent cool air from escaping the room and hot air from entering it. It’s too well known that windows are responsible for loss of up to forty percent of heat contained in the room. Though use of curtains and blinds help restricting outgo of air, they are not very effective really. We need to have an arrangement that not only retains cool air within the room but also prevents the sun from entering there.

The ideal solution is to have solar curtains which keep the operational expenses of air conditioners low, and save energy even during winters when you start using heaters. Such curtains prove effective as they can reflect heat back. Their installation is very easy. You just need to hang them down using an additional curtain rod in between your normal curtain and window.

Save Energy and Money with Solar Curtains

During summer when it gets too hot, your AC keeps running continuously. Once you install solar curtains you’ll realize that your AC doesn’t run for so long. Because solar curtains prevent the sun from heating your room, the AC doesn’t have to work as hard. As winter sets in, you just turn the curtains around and their reflective characteristic helps keeping the room warmer without straining the heater as much.
But come on, do solar curtains work?

Certainly, they do work. We have such curtains on the front of our home, the side that gets the maximum of heat during the day. There is a considerable difference in the temperature of that room and even the AC doesn’t work for so long now. In the absence of these curtains our average electricity bill was about $300, but with the installation of these curtains the bills have come down to about $150-180. We certainly expect to see a drop in our electricity bills during the forthcoming summer. Solar curtains are not just trendy, these are effective also.
Another helpful feature is that as they block much of sunrays from getting into your room through the window, your furniture and fabrics don’t get faded so fast.

Like any other curtain, solar curtains too offer privacy. In this case you are able to see through them but people from outside can hardly see in. That’s because of metalized polyethylene, the material used for making such window treatments.

You can easily fix up such curtains. We fixed ours within the curtains on a spring curtain rod contained by the window. You can’t see them from the inside; the only thing you see is the curtains. From the outer side, you can hardly see in.

If you are interested, you can Buy Them Here.

Curtains – Insuring Them Can Be A Good Idea

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A lot of us choose quality curtains, and good quality comes with a price. Those heavy fabrics that are used to make quality window treatments don’t come cheap so decorating your windows can be a big investment. And this is especially important for people who have bigger homes or use luxurious curtains to enhance their rooms.

Since we already have a home insurance that takes care of the things we value, it’s important to find the right company. By that I mean the one that will pay a sufficient amount for the curtains you have in your home. It’s an issue you really want to think about.

I’m saying this because not everyone has $10 draperies on their windows and doors. There are people who use blackout curtains, soundproof drapes and thermal curtains. These cost a lot more than your average item. And if you take into account that there are motorized (electric) or remote control curtains, the value in this is much higher.

This is why I’m saying you should think about your interior decoration options. If you do go for expensive window treatments, go for a good home insurance company. I can recommend you visit few home insurance companies and see what they can offer for your specific case.

DIY HandMade Curtains

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Curtains need not be all that expensive to make a room look gracefully beautiful. Ever considered handmade drapery to get those exclusive looks for your room! Many consider handmade curtains a difficult and complicated task. Designing and making your own handmade drapery is not only creative but also economical also if you like to bring subtle changes to the looks of your home. You’ll find these tips of help as you venture to undertake this simple and interesting DIY project.

There are many styles for making handmade drapes and you need to choose a design first. For the purpose you may refer to some of the magazines or be on the net to look for handmade curtains. You would understand that different designs of handmade draperies make them suitable for different functions. So, you’ll also need to consider the uses of your curtain. Another factor that you need to consider for making your handmade curtains is the curtain rod. Once you are sure of the design and function of your curtain, you may go shopping for the fabric. You’ll find any number of fabric stores selling a large variety of fabric for the purpose.

Mark the measurements with the help of a pencil or sewing chalk. Next, you get hold of your fabric shears and cut the marked area. And, don’t forget to keep an allowance at the end of the curtain, as you are going to need some space for the rod. That makes it necessary to have some allowance as you’ll be required to fold or “seal” the upper and lower part of the fabric.

Keep the fabric on the sewing machine and sew the sides first. If you plan having a lining, the lining should be kept on the wrong side of the fabric. Start from the top portion of the fabric while ensuring proper alignment of the layers. The style of sewing depends on the kind of curtain that you intend using. Hold on to the pattern and continue following it gradually so as not to lose track while sewing.

If you like giving a more sophisticated touch to your handmade drapery, you may achieve that by adding ruffles on the top of the curtain. For doing that, you will require more allowance on the fabric. In place of folding the fabric at the top for sealing it, you will be required to have a lining to shield and hold the curtain rod. Keep an allowance of 1-2 inches at the top. Then sew the lower section of that allowance. From that line, measure 1/2 inches for the rod. Having so done the marking, you can sew the second line.

Having finished that, use half an inch on both ends of the fabric to entirely seal the sides. And finally, insert the rod into the curtain and put your handmade drapery up against the window frame.

Don’t Let The Curtains Come Down On Your Shopping Plans For Curtains! Shop Smart!

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The type of curtains that you have in the home is very important. They can change the look of the room drastically because they are not only functional but they are also an important piece of décor. You need to be very careful as you choose curtains for your home to ensure that they add to the general beauty of your home decor. Some of the things that you must consider as you buy curtains are:

Size of the window

Windows have different sizes and therefore you need to make sure that you buy an appropriate sized curtain. Do not use the exact size of the window to choose the curtain but rather make sure that you leave a little allowance. Generally, a curtain that has little fabric will not look good and you need to have the curtain go a little beyond the dimensions of the window.

Décor of the room and furniture

As you choose the curtains, you need to have the general look of the room and the décor in mind. This will ensure that you choose a curtain that will blend in well. You want the curtain to stand out but not in a bad way as is the case with a curtain that has a color that sticks out or looks misplaced in the room.

Purpose of the room

The choice of curtains is also affected by the purpose of the room. One way that you can look at this is by considering the types of curtains that you would use in the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. In the bedroom, you may prefer a curtain that will not let in too much light even when it is bright outside so that you do not disrupt sleep. In the kitchen, you will need smaller curtains that will not overhang. This will ensure that the curtain does not get soaked or easily catch fire if it is near the cooker or the sink. For the living room, you may want a decorative piece and most people like them long and intricate in design.

Make or buy?

You need to decide whether you will make the curtains or buy them while they are ready-made. One of the advantages of making your own curtains is the fact that you can search for the desired fabric and make as many curtains as you want. It is also possible to use a print that you still use in other parts of the house like having curtains that have the same fabric as the pillows in the house. Buying is hustle-free and you can choose from all the designs in the shop no matter the dimensions that you need.

Design and color


The fabric that you use for the curtains can have several features. One of the things that you need to decide on is whether you want a plain color or some patterns. A plain choice may be very safe but patterns give the home a youthful and interesting look. The color of the fabric is also important as it can make the curtains stand out or look misplaced.


People choose different lengths of curtains for different reasons. You do not have to get a curtain that fits into the window exactly. You can let the curtain go beyond the width of the window and this will allow you to draw the curtains beyond the frame to allow maximum light to go in when the curtains are open. Curtains that reach the floor of the room make the window to look elongated and you can even have them reach the ceiling if you wish.


You can have a curtain lined and this will ensure that the amount of light going in is minimized. This implies that the thickness of the material used to make the curtain will affect the light flow and will therefore produce a different effect.


Compare the prices that different vendors will charge for the curtains and choose the one that charges a price that is within your price range. As you choose the vendors, make sure that you look out for the one that has high quality work to produce beautiful and durable curtains.

Philip Watson is a major in interior decoration and contributes articles on home improvements. Browse more on home decoration and what is made to measure duvet covers through the given link.

Fabulous Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding doors undoubtedly require curtains of full length. When you have curtains that extend from ceiling right up to the floor on such doors the room looks taller. Depending on how wide your door is, you can have curtains in two or three parts. When the curtain rod is extended beyond the door, you get a neat look when the curtains are gathered at their ends. With the curtains gathered you are sure that most of them stay put and don’t block your sliding doors.

Rich Fabrics

It’s recommended to have double curtains for spacious sliding doors. Having a combination of opaque and sheers makes an ideal choice and is often the most favored. You may consider having plain or printed sheers in soft or white colors. For getting amazing looks nothing beats printed sheers in solo color. You may even use just one semitransparent curtain to add an element of style if you are prepared to sacrifice a bit of privacy. You could use opaque curtains made from raw silk, silk, cotton silk satin, or cotton fabric. Look for a simple natural fabric or a striking printed curtain fabric. You’ll find many verities of printed materials in varying qualities of fabrics used for curtains. Depending on your choice and personal preference you may opt for soft or lively colors and shades. Large prints are ideally suited for curtains on sliding glass doors covering a larger area. You may choose to have pleated or regular curtains. If you are among those who prefer having blinds but also love the fabric coverings, you may opt for fabric Roman blinds that look exclusive and stylish.

Right Combos

As already pointed out double curtains are a great favorite of homeowners when considering dressing up of glass doors. In their case, there needs to be a perfect matching of the two curtains. One selection is that of white sheers with plain opaque curtains. The color of the curtains should go well with interiors of the room. The other option is to go for sheers in colors with dark-colored opaque curtains. Here again, color coordination of sheers and curtains is very important to get the right effect. You may like the idea of using printed drapes with matching plain sheers having the same shade. A novel idea will be to go for printed or plain drapes incorporated with plain fabric Roman blinds. This will surely look classic. Sliding glass doors with Roman blinds in textured fabric look awfully attractive.

Curtain Décor

Having decided the material and style of curtains, you can add zing to their looks. In case the room is located between two rooms, you can consider two sided fabric. You may have valance on the curtains. An excellent valance idea involves having designer valances in eye-catching colors with shiny fabric to emphasize the whole door that has charming plain curtains. Decorative tie backs when used for keeping the curtains in place add to the décor when curtains are kept gathered. You get many options for tie-backs. Some of the possibilities include using strip of lace or stain fabric or even the fabric of the curtain itself to keep them in place.

How To Make Outdoor Patio Curtains By Yourself

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Imagine yourself relaxing in a swing or recliner with your favorite book and a cup of coffee in the porch or patio of your home! A patio also offers you the option of extending your living area when your French windows open in the patio. In that case you need to have outdoor patio curtains to enhance your privacy. You may opt for traditional curtains, sheer drapes or bamboo shades as per the décor of your home and your personal taste. Having chosen the material, you can go ahead to make curtains.

Making Patio Curtains

Having outdoor curtains instantaneously transforms the space. Apart from incorporating a design element to the space, it also enables you to have some degree of privacy from the unwelcome gazes of passersby. Of course, you can always buy curtains that go well with your space but fabricating your own curtains gives an extraordinary sense of satisfaction. For stitching and subsequent hanging of your patio curtains, apart from a sewing machine and fabric, you’ll need a couple of other items like curtain rods, measuring tape and scissors. Just collect the required items and proceed with the following steps to prepare curtains for your patio.

First of all, you need to measure the size of patio doors to calculate the length and width of the fabric and curtain rods to be used. For determining the length of the curtain rod, you should measure the width of the window frame or door. Care should be taken to choose curtain rods that don’t get rusted soon.

Having decided the fabric to be used for making your outdoor curtains, you need to take measurements. You need to measure the length plus the width of each curtain. To the measured length you have to add 2-3 inches for including hem and pockets for the curtain rods. While cutting fabric, remember to multiply the measured lengths by the number of curtains to be made.

Another precaution that shouldn’t escape your mind while buying material for your curtains is to buy a heavy and durable material as these curtains will get exposed to varying natural outdoor atmosphere. It helps to opt for materials that can resist moisture, dust and prolonged exposure to sun without getting faded.
You should be using strong and durable thread for making curtains as these will have to bear the daily wear and tear.

Now, let’s come to the actual process of fabricating curtains. If you have already been using sewing machine and know how to make seams, you will find it quite easy to make curtains. The first thing that you need to take care of is to prepare pocket through which the rod would go through. Having made the pockets, you can go ahead with the hemming of the curtain at its bottom. To facilitate the process of sewing, you may find it worthwhile to fold the edges followed by ironing to get a seam line for sewing on. Or, you may just pin the fold, making sewing convenient.

In fact, making of patio curtains require very nominal sewing. Having sewed the curtains, you simple insert curtain rods through the pocket holes already created and just hang those by positioning them in the brackets that are in place.

So, you can see preparing your own curtains for your outdoor patio is not too difficult a task. The only not so easy step could be actual process of sewing but once you get a hang of it, the rest will be easy. You can take up this small project and complete the same on any weekend and completely change the looks of your patio.

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