Making Cafe Curtains

You probably wanted to make cafe curtains by yourself, but never had the proper instructions to do it. But today you came to the right place. We will provide you with detailed instruction of how to make a cafe curtain, so you can make one for yourself. If you’ve already familiar with sewing, or any […]

Choose Rods For Your Curtain

Cafe style curtains are a great asset to any window, not just because they give a refreshing look – they are functionally ideal. It’s easy to set them up the way you want so you can change the setting according to your room decorating style. We will give you a couple of ideas here on […]

Cafe Curtains For Kitchen

The name itself says it all, cafe curtains are meant to be placed in cafes. But the times have changed significantly and cafe style curtains are pushing through to all sorts of windows these days, even the kitchen windows. Believe it or not, one of the best selling curtains for windows is a cafe curtain. […]

Why Use A Cafe Curtain?

If you thought about using a cafe curtains as a window treatment but never actually did it, you’re on the right place. We will try to explain you and give some examples why is great to use not only cafe curtains, but curtains in general. Then it will be more easy for you to decide […]

Cafe Curtains – Great Window Treatment

One of many ways to decorate a room in your house is to use cafe curtains. Besides draperies, blinds and other products that can decorate your windows, cafe curtain is often a great solution. And not only you can use those curtains in your house, in kitchen or living room for example, but you can […]